Trove Distilling Inc. | 2019 – 2020

1. To create a strong identity in a saturated market all while projecting a very high end brand.

2. The second and most difficult challenge was to create a family of product identities; two vodka products that were derived from extremely rare truffles and the base product which is plain vodka all while taking into consideration that additional products were to be introduced at a later time.

1. Set Trove apart by positioning Trufa as an Ultra Premium Vodka, selected precious metal gold, silver, and copper overlays on the product packaging, worked with manufacturers to refine a technique to create a clear area on a frosted bottle.

2. Incorporated a shield as the brand mark tying together all products which was inspired from actual treasure chest clasp hardware as a nod to a trove, incorporated a truffle gleba pattern into the shield for the truffle products exclusively and vertical stripes of gold for the base product.

Branding | Illustration | Photography | Design
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Patrick Leonard Stull
‍‍Creative Director
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