Teodoras | 2019–2020

Create an expensive looking brand so that the client's investors would be able to visualize her concept. She wanted to create a high-end butcher shop with a specialty burger bar that served one type of burger with a menu that changed from day-to-day. She asked that the brand reflect her Brazilian roots growing up on her father's ranch in South America while maintaining an identity that appeals to her discriminating East Coast clientele.

Created a playful, yet professional and elevated logotype. Crafted clean illustrative brand marks. Choose high resolution photography with tasteful filters to create the strongest proposal possible.

Branding | Illustration  | Photography | Design

Current Location
+1 408 835 5377
Patrick Leonard Stull
‍‍Creative Director
100 NW 381st Street
La Center, WA
Base Location
Rua José Mário Mamede
Fortaleza, CE