Ayla networkS | 2014 – 2017

The challenge with Ayla Networks was to revise and refine the identity of the world’s leading B2B PaaS serving the Internet of Things. Ayla’s customers include some of the world’s leading manufacturers selling products serving the smart home and smart building markets. These customers leverage Ayla’s platform to quickly and securely launch connected products, and then use Ayla’s tools to gather intelligence from the data.

The Solution for Ayla was to select a broadly appealing color palette for the brand mark and to reshape their existing leaf logo. We created a complete style guide which includes logo usage, color palette, typography guide, icon libraries, and a corporate texture, so that the brand would remain strong across all departments worldwide.

Branding | Style Guide | Photography | UI
Current Location
+1 408 835 5377
Patrick Leonard Stull
‍‍Creative Director
100 NW 381st Street
La Center, WA
Base Location
Rua José Mário Mamede
Fortaleza, CE